As Founder and Principal of Chestler Activation Network, Joel brings extensive integrated marketing expertise to the agency. For almost 30 years, he has been planning and executing successful activation programs for brands of all sizes across many industries.

He’s done it on the client side for brands like Kool-Aid and Capri Sun while working for Kraft Foods. And, he’s done it on the agency side for huge global brands like Nike and Dove, smaller brands like Mrs. T’s Pierogies and Florida’s Natural Orange Juice, and a whole bunch in between like Aleve, Pabst Blue Ribbon and Jägermeister.

But, in the agency world, it’s not just about the programs. In fact, those programs don’t happen without relationships—with clients, and the people back at the shop who work on the programs.

The relationships that Joel has built over the years are the foundation of Chestler Activation Network.


It’s no secret. Our industry has changed. Relationships remain a critical element in the equation, but now more than ever, clients value an agency’s ability to deliver smart, highly creative, breakthrough activation programs quickly and efficiently.

Traditional agencies are struggling to deliver against these demands. Chestler Activation Network was built specifically to address them. No fancy offices. No bloated teams. No obligations back to a big holding company.

Just a large, diverse network of senior level activation experts who know how to work fast and work smart!​

  • Strategists

  • Designers

  • Social Media Mavens

  • Analysts

  • Planners

  • Copywriters

  • Content Developers

  • Client Engagement Specialists

  • Concept Creators

  • Digital Experts

  • Traditional Media Professionals

Give me a call at 203.216.5556 or send an email at Joel@ChestlerActivationNetwork.com

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